Thu - March 17, 2005

A Fine Book for the Funnybone and the John

My old shtick buddy Steve Shufton (we amused each other in 7th grade with merciless impersonations of our science teacher, Mr Berkholz; he had a very soft-spoken Bob Newhart thing going on that you could render with a few down-talking lowerings of one’s chin…) has published a collection of humorous essays, All the Answers. One could do a lot worse with $10 than purchase this 500-page juggernaut, an encyclopedia of wit which manages to fully explain hundreds of historical and everyday topics in a consistently wry comic tone that never stoops to obscenities or hand gestures to punch its satirical points. The book even had this reader – a coarsened shtickeratti and comedian manqué who never laughs at anything unless someone is suddenly and accidentally injured– actually LOL.

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