Baby You Can't Drive My Car

My wife says I'm a bad driver, and she may be right. After all, I've had about 3 small accidents in 20 years to her one in 35 years. And for some reason, although I'm quite aggressive driving by myself, when she's in the car I always hug the right lane or inevitably get behind a slow moving car or truck, eliciting a wry "Jack, Jack, Jack" from the passenger seat. Whereas if I'm the cargo, she's lead-footing it like a madman all over town.

But none of my moves compare to two that happened to me recently: a car, in six lanes of traffic, stops dead in the leftmost non-turn lane in an intersection and puts its left turn light on, causing much hubbub - they lasted 20 seconds before backing down and driving straight ahead. Then today, whistling back to work from lunch at home, I almost ran into a woman in an SUV sitting on the curb on the opposite direction: she starts her car, puts her head down, looks behind her, ignoring me and pulls a rapid u-ee directly in front of my oncoming car, completing blocking the street. I could have killed her.

I blame the SUV .

Posted: Wed - February 23, 2005 at 10:40 PM         |