Dogs in My Bed

Don't know if you saw the cute AP piece today on sleeping with your animals, but they left certain things out. Here at kNetz Manor we have hosted a couple of canine copilots over the years. The first regular was Clancy the cockapoo mutt, who earned her berth on the big bed by virtue of a 4-foot vertical jump. Clancy provided hot dog breath, and dawn face washings more reliable than the alarm clock. Her successor, Maggie, a half-blind 16-year old rescue Lhasa Apso, cannot jump and must be "flown up" every night to her throne between Mr and Mrs' pillows. Maggie's breath is hot too, and also bad, and we've endured her restless ways these past 3 years. She panicks easily and walks on our heads at all hours at the slighest sign of bad weather, earning an instant eviction to the mommie-scented cocoon of the master bedroom closet (her side). She gets jimmy-legs and turns around all night. And she's just decided, in the last 6 months, to start each night squarely facing me as I drift off, so my last sight each day is a bossy white face in the glow of streetlight, stern black eyes and mouth, panting her scent into my face. If she wasn't really really cute too, I swear, I'd kick her out.

We've had less success with beagle sleep overs until out latest adoptee, Wiggles. If it's sufficiently cold, Wiggles will dive under the down comforter, curl in a ball against your leg, and bake for 10 hours not moving. Otherwise she'll fidget and last about 20 minutes before jumping down. However I will say this about beagles - if they can't actually be in your bed, the next best thing is to have them in the same room. The snore is heavenly, like a little drunk sailor.

Posted: Tue - February 22, 2005 at 10:20 PM         |